6 Top Tourist Destinations to Explore From the United Arab Emirates

Whether you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates or a tourist on a transit visa, visiting neighboring countries is a great idea to refresh yourself. These are places have plenty of scenic sites and captivating histories. Why not look at some places where you may want to spend some of your best moments with your family or friends?

1. Jordan 

Jordan lies in the neighborhood of the UAE and is one of the safest Middle Eastern countries. It has endless adventure opportunities waiting for those eager travelers who love to explore new destinations for a fun-filled venture. This ancient country comprises the famous city sandstone of Petra and many archaeological sites. It has the ancient Nabataean civilization and carved cliffs, offering a glimpse of the earth-shattering Treasury. A hike through the parkland of Petra reveals many other archaeological wonders and natural marvels. Once you are there, do not miss on chasing the sunset on a camel back-ride across the orange-desert plains of Wadi Rums. Going further toward the north will allow you to explore one of the most adequately preserved old towns known as Jerash from Roman ancient times. You might love to visit the Dead Sea along the eastern shore of Jordon to take a break from the desert sands and enjoy some salty waves and buoyant waters. 

2. Morocco

The land of Morocco is the cause of the crash between Europe and the Middle East. Every city in Morocco is different and has diverse ancient- world charisma and modern-age innovation. Locals are delightfully friendly and create a harmonious and exciting atmosphere for the outside visitors and travelers.

The country has an extravagant mosque and towering minarets, which impress travelers and visitors with their magnificent architecture. Primeval winding medinas attract you through their spices, colors, and enticing views of snake charmers, fortune tellers, and keen merchants offering handmade crafts.

If you are a food lover, Morocco will give you a new eclectic experience that combines the best flavors of local and international cuisines, such as Berber, French, Chinese, Arab, and others. The country has so much to offer for travelers to enjoy in a single feat. 

3. Lebanon 

Lebanon is known for being home to one of Beirut - the liveliest metropolises in the Middle East. It is a place where a racing nightlife offers glitz, grit, and glamour to those who love to be intoxicated with a buzzing energy and lively people around. Lebanon is also a favorite of nature lovers because of many mesmerizing natural sites that are not only scenic but also are magically serene. It also has a range of mountainscapes and lush green reforests. Coastlines with enhanced beaches and turquoise waters make the country an ideal place for some of the best relaxation in the world.

Apart from lots of tourism frills and features, this beautiful Mediterranean land presents an iconic range of national food with mouth-watering delicacies. Although Lebanon has faced many troubles in the past years, this hearty country pleases every traveler and visitor seeking some adventure and fun-filled moments. 

4. Egypt

Known for boasting one of the world’s seven wonders, Egypt needs no introduction. It is an ancient and historical land of the life-giving Nile River and Great Giza Pyramids. People fond of exploring historical destinations come here to satisfy their passion with monuments and sites under the scorching Egyptian sun. You will find lofty statutes, royal mausoleums, and Pharaonic Temples around and enjoy the essence of history. Besides, a range of museums allows you to count on both your hands and feet.

Although Egypt is a historically-inclined paradise, its modern side also offers so much for locals and outside visitors. The country features modern resorts and a pleasant combination of the music scene and contemporary art. In addition to traditional attractions with modern elements, Egypt boasts several diving sites around the coast of Marsa Alam. It is the place where the natural bounty of the Red Sea awaits for scuba divers to discover jewel-like reefs and exotic sea-creatures.

5. Croatia

Croatia serves as a wonderland of the Middle East for every tourist. It features idyllic islands, picturesque spots, and the indigo magnificence of the Adriatic Sea. People traveling to Croatia look forward to a magnificent island with many hopping adventurous opportunities and enjoy primary attractions in the mainland of the country. Thanks to Games of Thrones of HBO that used Croatian city Dubrovnik as its filming location, the land has been gaining skyrocketing popularity in recent years. It allures travelers with its ancient city walls, limestone streets, beautiful stone-made architectures, terracotta tiled rooftops, and old city walls, marking the image of a perfect medieval civic. 

Once you are in Dubrovnik, you can hire a taxi boat to the Islands of Elafiri and Lokrum and enjoy a lucky charm of scenery. People willing to taste new cuisines of Istria can enjoy the gastronomical focal point of the country. The ingredients for most of the dishes include extra-virgin olive oil and traditional spices. The freshest seafood from the neighboring waters and other delicious delicacies make the best feat for food lovers in this town.

6. Thailand 

Thailand will be your final spot when you are about to leave the Middle East altogether. It tends to be an ideal tourist destination for those who want to enjoy a relaxing weekend or holiday after a long expedition. Bangkok, in particular, is the perfect destination for tourists to enjoy rowdy confined markets and a chain of international commercial stores. With gilded temples, swaths of beautiful coastlines, and delicious national cuisines, Thailand features a plethora of attractions to offer. 

This amazing country is known for its charm, magnificence, and hospitality. Enjoy relaxing sunbaths on the beach or choose traditional Thai massages at some of the famous places, including Wat Pho temple. People seeking natural sceneries and fresh air can travel toward Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai to benefit from trekking into the lush green mountainous forests. You would love tropical scapes, waterfalls, and historical ruins of ancient settlements. Travelers love local dishes with sweet & sour, spicy flavors, and diverse taste.

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