Badshahi Mosque, A Historic Pearl Among The Best Tourist Spots In Lahore

Badshahi Mosque is the epitome of Asian Architectural history. Badshahi Mosque ranks as the eleventh largest mosque in the world due to its formidable structure and Mughal architecture. Badshahi mosque was built by Aurangzeb, a great masterpiece that houses approximately 55000 worshippers. Badshahi Mosque nestles the Lahore Fort and on the backside of the mosque, lies the Sikhs’ Gurdwara. Badshahi Mosque, a sacred place in Pakistan holds grandeur and majestic sights. The grand gate of Badshah Mosque is aesthetically pleasing and outside Badshai Mosque, near Hazuri Baagh the tomb of Allama Iqbal lies. Badshahi Mosque has also been one of the main spots for the Nikkah ceremony in Pakistan. 

Historic Importance

Badshahi Mosque was built by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir and was built under the supervision of Mozaffar Hussain. The historical importance of the Badshahi Mosque starts in the year 1673 when it was standing tall and all ready to serve its purpose. Basically, before the partition of India and Pakistan, the Badshahi mosque witnessed the rule of Ranjit Singh, served as the palace for army and military garrison for the training of army officers, the court of rulers, British rule, partition time, and many more historic incidents. 

The beauty of Badshahi Mosque 

The beauty of the Badhshahi Mosque is intricate that displays Mughal Architecture to the fullest. Talking about the inner decoration of the ceilings of Badshai Mosque, they have been decorated with the work of Stucco tracery whereas the outer is of red bricks that are the epitome of true elegance in buildings. The artwork on the walls of Badshahi Mosque is a motif and amalgamation of Asian, Indian, and Indo-Greek Architecture. 

As you enter the Badshahi Mosque, you see the skyline that is fully decorated and ornamented with marble. Inside the grand gate of Badshahi Mosque, the whole track is so calm to walk on and look around the area of the mosque. The plinth of the Badshahi Mosque and the stairs are also covered in marble that adds more beauty to Badshahi Mosque. Every year thousands of visitors come to Badhshahi mosque to see the grandeur that the mosque exhibits. The main prayer hall of the Badhshahi Mosque is indubitably the best piece of architectural work ever done. The inner is decorated with the rose gold color of marble and it’s worth visiting. 

How to Get to Badshahi Mosque 

Badshahi Mosque is located near the Androon city of Lahore. You can travel to Badshahi Mosuq either through a metro bus, orange train, an auto, or even by the taxis that you can get using the mobile applications. Since it’s a far-off place the wages are relatively higher but using public transportation will save you from a costly visit and fair.  

Badshahi Mosque is one of the famous mosques in Pakistan and around the world as well. It is known for its majestic building and mixed architecture. There is a lot more to discover in Badshahi Mosque, so when you visit Badshahi Mosque visit the mosque and see the beautiful masterpiece.

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