The Best Things You Can Do in Pokhara, Nepal

When in Nepal, you have to visit Pokhara. Do not let people convince you that Kathmandu is the only place to visit. In fact, Pokhara can offer you some places and a lot of things to do that you can’t find in any other city of Nepal. It is a place of great cultural traditions and nature’s beautiful designs. Many tourists from around the world only visit Nepal to see this city. It is a heaven for trekkers and a perfect place to spend a few weeks for people who like the ups and downs of the landscape. Here are some of the best things you can do when you are in Pokhara.

Experience the Singing Bowls 

You can’t complete your trip to this amazing city unless you experience the singing bowls. It is an experience for those who like to explore spirituality. And keep in mind that it is not a onetime activity. You can keep enjoying every day for as long as you are in Pokhara and doing other important things. It is usually advertised in the form of a class, but you won’t feel it that way. It is more like a subscription to spiritual therapy. 

What you have to do is to lie sit down and hear a master chant something. You might be asked to chant along with the master. In addition to that, you have to lie on the floors while the master plays the bowls. All the while, you are supposed to explore the spiritual world inside you. It is an experience you will remember forever. 

The Sarangkot Sunrise Show  

You do not have to resort to fountains and light shows to be mesmerized when you have nature displaying the most mesmerizing views. When in Pokhara, you can go to different places for different purposes. If you are looking to be dazzled by natural beauty and scenic view, Sarankot is your place. Annapurna mountain range is one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world for having some of the highest peaks. When in Sarangkot, you get to sneakily peek at sun as it slowly rises from behind these mountains. 

If you want to make the most of this moment, find a place where no one will interrupt you. Sit down, relax, hold a cup of tea in your hands from a nearby stall, and wait for the nature to captivate you. 

Submerge in the Tibetan Culture 

You might have seen Tibetan people in South Asian movies. They are some amazing people living in the highest places on earth. This culture is unique and sometimes feels untouched by the modernization of today’s world. If you want to experience this culture, there is no better way than to be among Tibetan people. There are many tours that will let you experience the culture and explain the beauty of it. in most cases, these tours last for no more than 4 hours. 

Most of the tours also include a meal with a local family. So, that will be one of the most memorable experiences you will have in your life i.e. dining with a Tibetan family. Do make sure that you are wearing warm clothes when going on this tour. The best thing about these tours is that your guide is almost always a Tibetan person. 

Paraglide through the Quiet  

Have you ever thought of having a bird’s eye view of the beautiful mountains? When you are in Pokhara, you have the best opportunity of doing that. The paragliding tour lasts for about 30 minutes, and you will have to have your own vehicle or means of transportation to reach the destination. You can paraglide through serene mountains while having the beautiful Himalayan mountain ranges peeking from behind your shoulder. You do not have to worry about taking photos and videos because the paragliding pilot flying with you will have a go-pro for that. 

Once you have finished the flight, you will be provided with your photos and videos. Can there be anything better than showing the videos and photos of your paragliding to your friends? However, you are recommended to avoid paragliding if you have any back problems. The whole trip might not be pleasing for you, and instead, it could worsen your back problems. 

Adventure at the Seti River 

You can’t miss adventuring at Seti River when you visit Pokhara. Most of the stuff you do in Pokhara is about submerging in the beauty of nature. However, there are some adventurous activities that you can do in the city, and Seti River provides you with the best opportunity of doing that. Surrounded by beautiful and sky-kissing mountains, Seti River gives you the perfect chance to experience rafting for the first time, if you have not done it before. Rafting is not only about adventure, it also lets you explore the beauty of the mountains, valleys, and sharp turns of the river. 

Do keep in mind that water can play games with you while you are completing your one and a half hour rafting tour. You will have some great time on this river, especially because it offers you some warm weather. If you are going with a group of friends, you might be compelled to do it twice, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is one of the most thrilling and memorable activity that one can be a part of when in Nepal.

Final Thoughts  

If you look at other online reviews of the city and listen to the people who have been to Pokhara, you will see them talk about trekking a lot. There is no doubt that hundreds of thousands of people come to Pokhara every year mainly for trekking. However, I believe that trekking is such an ingrained part of Pokhara experience that you will end up doing it any way. So, it does not have to be mentioned separately. It is like going on a beach and creating reminder for swimming in the sea. So, if you are thinking about visiting Pokhara, try my personal list of best things to do and make your trip unforgettable.   

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