Top 4 Places To Visit In Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a bustling city located near Islamabad and is also called the twin sister of Islamabad. The locals call it by name of Pindi too. Rawalpindi has seven autonomous states, and the weather here is quite moderate as it lies in the neighborhood of Islamabad. Also, Rawalpindi is the focal base camp for Army and Army administration. Rawalindinis a small city, nonetheless it is home to beautiful places, lakes, mountain rivers, valleys, and other beautiful indigenous places. Many people hesitate to visit Rawalpindi because they are unaware of the beauty the city holds. If you plan to visit Rawalpindi, here are the top 4 tourist places that you must visit. 

1- Neela Sandh Waterfall

Neela Saanndh is a famous waterfall located at Mori Syedan, Lehtrara road in Rawalpindi. Many locals and visitors come to Neela Saandh waterfall to enjoy the natural beauty of the city’s spot. The waterfall is surrounded by mountains, greenery, and trees that are covered with snow most of the time. Basically, the blue waters of Nila Saandh are the collection of different ponds that fall at one point and this is the Neela Sandh. You can come here to enjoy the swimming, and other outdoor activities with your friends and family, or solo even. 

2- Rawal Fort

Rawalpindi also nestles the history of forts. Several forts are located in Pindi, and Rawal Fort is one of them. The history of Rawal Fort traces back to the rule of Gakhars in the Potohar Plateau of Pakistan. Rawal Fort was used by the Gakhars who were in power and were fighting again Sher Shah Suri. He died while fighting the battle and his three other sons too. The grave of the Gakhars is inside the Rawal Fort. It’s a huge building in a rounded castle-like shape and the forts narrated the history better than anyone. 

3-  Ayub Park 

Ayub Park is one of the most prominent Parks in Rawalpindi which is crowded with families and other locals. If you want to take a day off from hectic tours, then Ayub Park would be a nice choice. Ayub park has a zoo, wildlife, hills, and other fun activities that you can get at a cheap price. You can also do the boat-riding at a lower price in Ayub Park.  When you enter the Park, there are huge stone creatures are placed. Isitng Ayub park would be a lot of fun. 

4- Golf Club Rawalpindi 

Golf Club of Rawalpindi was built in 1185 with the 9-hole course but over time it has developed into a 27-hole course. The club offers majestical views of hills and Faisal Mosque, a combination of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Moreover, Rawalpindi’s Golf CLub holds domestic tournaments on the daily basis. If you like to visit wide places with amazing views then you must visit the Golf Club of Rawalpindi. 

Visiting Rawalpindi will let you explore the small cities of Pakistan, and look at the beautiful sites these cities have, and Rawalpindi is one of them.

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