Top 4 Places To Visit In Balochistan

Balochistan, a province of Pakistan and the geological wonderland, has startling views to offer to visitors. Balochistan takes 44% of the Pakistan area and it’s blessed with tourist spots that are worth visiting, enchanting, and rigorously beautiful. Balochistan has an abundance of minerals and other natural resources that make it even more interesting to visit. Many visitors come to Pakistan and see the beauty of Northern Areas and the famous tourists spots, however, Balochistan is rarely visited and often missed. Whereas, the locals of Balochistan understand the significance of the picturesque land and do miss a chance to have fun and adventures. If you plan to visit Balochistan, here are the top 4 places that you can visit to explore its beauty. 

1- Jinnah’s Residence, Ziarat

The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah lived the affliction part of his life in Balochistan. His Residency in Balochistan is given the name of Ziarat and is a true cultural reminiscing heritage. Ziarat gives the vibes of a small wooden cottage with bay windows. The residency has lush green lawns that enhance its beauty. The mammoth structure stairs make it give a more whimsical look. 

2- Hingol National Park 

If you are an animal lover, then do not miss Hingol National Park in Balochistan. Hingol National Park is named after the Hingol river that passes by the dry region. The terrain of the Hingol National park is rocky, the beautiful beaches make it even more enthralling, and the mountain caves are what make it looks more aesthetically vintage. In the mountain cave, there is a Hindu temple by the name of Hinglaj Mata Mandir. Many Hindus come to visit the temple on the days of pilgrimage and also perform other religious rituals such as bathing in the river. 

3- Astola Island 

Astola Island is an uninhabited island and is enriched with natural resources. Astola Island is also known by the name of Jezira Haft Talar Satadip aka Island of the Seven Hills. It is the largest offshore island with an area of 6.7 kilometers square. The deep blue waters of the Island make it intrinsically beautiful and catchy. It’s an uninhabited and hidden gem of Pakistan that has yet not been discovered by people, unlike many other tourist spots. 

4- Jhal Magsi Desert 

Jhal Magsi Desert is located in the Jhal Magsi District of Balochistan. It is quite famous for the racing and rally as a number of sponsors and visitors come to Jhal Magsi desert for the desert rally and desert safari. In Pakistan, such activities are not held again and again; rather they are rarely held so if you are a fan of the safari desert and desert rally then you cannot miss this spot. 

Balochistan is a province that goes unnoticed by many tourists and even locals other than Balochistan. Balochistan is blessed with different landscapes that should not be missed. If you visit Pakistan, the above 3 places must be on your go-to list.

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