Places You Cannot Miss In Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Faislabad is a city located on the eastern side of Punjab. It was previously called Lyallpur but in the year 1979, the name was changed to the Faisalabad by the government of Pakistan in the honor of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Faisalabad is the third most populous city of Pakistan, and surprisingly the second-largest city as well. 

Faisalabad is full of industries and this is why it is also known as the Industrial City of Pakistan. Many big industries are located in Faisalabad. Another interesting fact and attribute given to Faislabad are that it is known as ‘Manchester of Pakistan’ for its similarity to the original Manchester. Faislabad has some amazing tourism spots and here are the top 4 that you must visit in Faislabad. 

1- Gatwala Wildlife Park 

The travel time from Lahore to Islamabad is less than 3 hours and it would not be wrong to say that Gatwala Wildlife Park lied very near to Lahore and Faislabad, both. Gatwala Wildlife Park is the largest Park and botanical garden in Pakistan, it has a zoo, forest area, parks, lakes, and many officials/administrative buildings related to forestry are located inside the park. This park has one of the best collections of animals suPakistanocodiles. You can also do boat riding in the park, and have food. 

2- Lyallpur Museum 

The museums of Pakistan are fascinating and Lyallpur museum is not less than any other museum. The Lyallpur museum has 10 different galleries and each gallery gives the holistic look at the heritage of Pakistan. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the museum exhibits the true culture and history of Pakistan. The ten galleries of the museum comprise of orientation galley, Mughal to British heritage gallery, Chenab colony gallery, sandal bar gallery, regional archaeological heritage gallery, act gallery, social beauty gallery, and textile gallery. If you want to look at the history, heritage, and industrial side of Pakistan, then Lyallpur Museum is the best place to visit. 

3- Aqualand Water Park

Aqualand Water Park is the place to shove your tiredness away in the blues of waters. As the name suggests, Aqualand water park has all the amusements related to water activities such as swimming, water slide, and much more. The most interesting thing is that it is the only park that has a seventy-meter high water slide, adventurous, right? It is mostly recommendable for males. 

4- Clock Tower 

The clock tower located in the Faisalabad is also known as Ghanta Ghar. Clock Tower is one of the oldest monuments from the British Raj and it holds a significant value in Faisalabad. The tower stands in the center of eight famous markets of Faislabad. On important occasions like eid days and other important days, the mayors of Faisalabad give their speeches at the location and raise the flag of Pakistan. 

Faislabad is the city that everyone wants to visit, once in their lifetime. If you are visiting Pakistan anytime sooner or later, so add this to your list. 

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