Highlights Of Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay beach is one of the best choices to enjoy your time out from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Famous as the jewel of Arabia Sea, Hawkes Bay beach gets its name from Bladen Wilmer Hawke - a Governor from the Victorian period. The natural beauty of Hawkes Bay attracts people from different places in the country. This famous tourist resort has crystal clear water with a sandy coastline. It lies 20km far in the southwest of Karachi. The best season to visit Hawkes Bay is from September to March, whereas you must avoid it during the monsoon season because the sea gets infested with Blue Bottle jellyfish.  

Getting To Hawkes Bay

You can get to Hawkes Bay through Mauripur Road, which may not be extraordinary, though it is doable. Depending on the number of passengers, you can hire a van or bus or use your vehicle too. Since the management does not allow car parking on the beach, rental buses or vans with drivers tend to be the best options because they can get their way to park out of the premises and remain safe. 

Accommodation at Hawkes Bay 

The coastline at Hawkes Bay has several private beach huts, allowing you to rent one and enjoy swimming, fishing, picnicking, and camel or horse riding with your family or friends. Many shelters have a range of decent amenities, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, lounge, and car parking. Kitchens in most beach huts stock utensils and gas stoves. It allows you to cook or reheat your food or snacks for the picnic and lunch. Tourists with the availability of power in their rented huts can also think of staying there overnight.

Eating at Hawkes Bay  

Hawkes Bay is among the world’s few beaches that host the rarest reptile species and welcome green sea turtles to come and lay eggs. It is one of the best places to enjoy the deep ocean. While most families bring their food along and eat it near the beach, some small restaurants are available nearby where you can buy tea, soft drinks, and other snacks. People love to splash the sea waves and play on the sand. You can also relax in your rented hut and enjoy meals.

Activities at Hawkes Bay

Planning to visit such a beautiful beach like Hawkes Bay is incomplete without taking Frisbee apparatus or a football and playing on the sand. If you have children along, ample opportunities for money or snack shows and horse or camel riding are available too. You can make sandcastles and consider swimming and windsurfing.

The sea has a strong breeze, which may become even stronger in the deeper areas. Lifeguards are also available to patrol the beach. You can comfortably spend hours on Hawkes Bay Beach and savor the sound and sight of the sea waves as they touch the beach and leave shells and pebbles as they go back. Hawkes Bay has Paradise Point and French Beaches in its neighborhood. These beaches are the best places for fishing and relaxing.

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