Mohatta Palace Museum – A Traditional Mughal Style Construction In The Heat Of Karachi

Mohatta Palace is a beautiful traditional spot in Karachi. Fatima Jinnah, the beloved sister of Quaid-e-Azam, used this beautiful place as her residence until her demise in 1967. Later, the Government of Sindh took the palace into its custody, and nowadays, it functions as one of the best museums to visit in Karachi.


Built with the architectural designing skills of the first Muslim Indian architect, Agha Ahmed Hussain, Mohatta palace lies in the posh seaside location of Clifton. The building comprises traditional Rajasthani pink stones with the local yellow stones in its structure. 

Officially known as Qasr-e-Fatima, it is still famous with the name of its primary owner. Mohatta Palace originally was in the property of Hindu Marwari Businessman Rai Bahadur Seth Shivratan Mohatta, who could use this property only for two decades before the Indo-Pak partition. 

The building had been vacant for more than a decade and needed major restoration work. It needed cleaning, several repairs, and interior and exterior transformations. The restoration of Mohatta Palace reached the completion process in two phases in August 1999 and finally welcomed the public within a month after its completion. 

Structure of Mohatta Palace  

Expanded over 12000 sq yards, the superior construction of Mohatta Palace has the quality material used as a testament to the love and care lavished on the property. The architecture of Mohatta Palace is the best demonstration of the Mughal revival style. 

The double-storied structure of Mohatta Palace is the only place to have such a massive area in Pakistan. There is no single structure that matches its covered area so far. The first thing you notice after entering the Mohatta palace is the beautifully colored windows on the exterior, minarets with an arch, a stone wall, and a splendor view of stunning architecture.

Features of Mohatta Palace 

Visitors love the distinct style of construction of Mohatta Palace that represents a mix of spandrels, railings, domes, and louvered shutters. In 1995, Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, endorsed the settling up of the museum of Pakistani arts in the property. It was the time when the formal purchase of the Mohatta Palace Museum Trust reached its final moment. 

The first floor has luxurious rooms with a royal setting. The second floor of the Mohatta Palace is another delight to be in because of its stunning beauty. You might also catch a sea view from the rooftop of the palace, although dull residential properties have covered the Mohatta Palace the way that it does not even get the ocean winds. The magnificent structure of the rooftop has a central dome and many smaller ones that aimed to protect residents from the direct sun heat. 

Mohatta Palace has a building in the nearby area, where you can see a small collection of English statues, such as Queen Victoria. The Mohatta Palace is open for visitors from Tuesday and Sunday, between 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, with Monday offs. You can also visit the palace on Friday, except for the Friday Prayer break, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

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