Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I have always been fascinated by South East Asia. Ever since I started to travel, I have wanted to explore this part of the world to get an understanding of its culture and how it is different from other parts of the world. Vietnam in particular always piques my attention; I cannot even remember how long I wanted to go to this place. Luckily, I did get the opportunity, and to say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Vietnam is quite the traveler’s paradise. Whoever goes there comes back with a bunch of pleasant memories, and my case was more or less the same. 

I visited the city of Ho Chi Min for almost a month. The thirty days that I spent here were life changing and made me appreciate this city and country unlike any other destination out there. In this article, I will discuss with you everything that Chi Minh City, Vietnam has to offer and why you must consider going there at least one time in your lifetime. I guarantee that you will not regret it. That being said let us get into a little bit of detail to understand what makes Ho ChI Minh, Vietnam so great. 

First off, the city of Chi Minh also goes by the name of Saigon. It used to be its initial name but it changed later on. Some people still prefer to call this city Saigon. It is considered to be the largest city of Vietnam. It is also quite popular for backpack travelers who are looking to explore on a budget. I found quite a lot of digital nomads in Ho Chi Minh. I believe that most of them move here because of its cheap living costs and convenient way of life. 

Once I stepped foot in this city, I completely understood why a lot of travelers call it a chaotic city. It has billions of things going on at the same time. Step out onto the roads of Ho Chi Minh and you will find hundreds of rickshaws, cars, bicycles, motorbikes, and tons of other vehicles on traffic lanes. The roads are always busy and the markets are mostly full. 

This city has tons of things to offer to its residents as well as the travelers. You will find delicious food, fantastic nightlife, and great shops in Ho Chi Minh. I have been to almost every city in Vietnam, and this one happens to be one of my favorites. Here is a list of things that you can do in Ho Chi Minh:

Go to the Notre Dame Cathedral 

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral in this city is a sight to behold. It is a major building made out of red bricks sometime around the late 1800s. There are 2 massive towers on the cathedral’s front. I also saw a Virgin Mary statue lit with Neon Light, to say that it was an intriguing sight would be a massive understatement. 

Visit Chinatown 

I found a ton of things to do in Chinatown It would be fair to say that it is a beehive of various activities. It contains things like jade ornaments, restaurants, temples, medicine shops, and much more. You will also find a large number of fascinating temples such as Cha Tam, Quan an, and a famous atholic Cathedral

Have fun at the Ho Chi Minh Opera House 

There is an excellent opera house in the city of Ho Chi Minh. I went there several times just because of how great and unique it is. I would be lying if I said that this Opera House wasn’t the best-preserved pieces of colonial architectures out there. It was made during the late 1800s particularly for opera. Now however, it is host to a variety of other performances. This includes the traditional plays and dances of Vietnam, ballet, and a lot more. 


Vietnam is a central hub for shopping. The City of Ho chi Minh in particular offers you a shopping experience unlike any other out there. From traditional items to international brands, this city offers you a lot. When I went out for shopping, I came back with so much stuff that I had to leave some of it behind and gift it to my Vietnamese friends. 

What’s even greater about the shops present in this city is the fact that they are quite cheap. Rarely will you find shops that offer top quality stuff as affordable as in this city. I was spent hours and hours shopping different kinds of items there and each visit of mine made me realize that the shopping experiences in Ho Chi Minh are indeed something else. I would highly suggest everybody to buy a large amount of clothes and shoes from here as their quality is great and they do not cost too much. 

Dream Come True for Foodies 

I immediately fell in love with the city of Ho Chi Minh as soon as I tasted its traditional food. It was unlike anything that I had ever tasted before in the best possible way. Rarely will you find food that tastes as good and as nutritious as the one in Ho Chi Minh. You’ll want more after your first serving and then some. There are also a lot of non-traditional cafes and restaurants over here. You can just as easily find fast food joints and enjoy your favorite meals in affordable rates. 

Places to Stay 

I was quite worried about where I would stay once I arrived in Ho Chi Minh. The main concern that I had was that the amenities present in the hotel wouldn’t be the way I wanted them to be. However, I was proven to be wrong. As a matter of fact, Ho Chi Minh’s hospitality is unlike any other city in the world. The hotels of this Vietnamese city make you feel right at home, providing you an experience that will make you want to live in this city forever. 

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