Senmonouram (Mondulkiri), Cambodia – A Travelers Paradise

I have been travelling for quite a while now. I have been to countless exotic locations that have something unique to offer. Be it Europe, Asia, America, or Australia, I always find myself at places that make me realize how much beauty the world has to offer. 

During my travelling experience, I have gone to almost every highly recommended place that experienced travelers recommend. In some cases, I went to those places multiple times. However, as time passed, I started to realize that there are tons of places that do not have the recognition that they deserve. 

There are several reasons why they do not get their fair share of attention. I decided to make sure that it is not the case moving forward. This is precisely why I decided to put a temporary halt at going to famous travelling locations and give some lesser known places a try. After all, every journey has its own story to tell and experiences to remind you in the future. So, I started to make plans of where I should go. Tons of unique places came to my mind, but I did not know where to get started. So, after days of careful thought and consideration, I decided to go to Cambodia. 

The Beauty of Camodia 

Now, whenever people who do not travel much hear of Cambodia, they often get confused. Why? because they never hear about this nation’s tourism or hospitality. Not that it is bad or anything, but simply because very few people particularly go there to enjoy their holidays or spend their vacations. I decided to change all of that. I had seen this nation in images, and the pictures that I came across, tempted me to go there unlike any other place. So, I packed my bags and set out for m journey. 

In case you did not know, Cambodia has several provinces that contain various towns. I decided to particularly go to Senmonouram, in the province of Mondulkiri. It seemed like an excellent place to be in from what I gathered on the internet. Well, fast forward, I arrived at Mondulkiri within a few days. I went there by plane and my journey was quite fantastic. 

Senmonouram – First Impressions 

My first impressions about Mondulkiri are that it is an excellent place for people to visit, especially during their holidays. There are a plethora of activities that you can do over here without getting bored. Located near Senmomouram, the project of Mondulkiri is around 370 kilo meters on the eastern side of Phnom Penh. What is even great is the fact that travelling to Cambodia during the holidays, especially to Senmonoram, is more pleasant that one would imagined. I was quite taken aback by the beauty of this place and decided to extend my stay even if it costed me some extra money. There are several transportation options available over here. I had the option of renting cars, sharing taxis, getting a private taxi, or taking a bus or minivan. The options are endless, but most importantly, they are very convenient. 

Hotels and Hostels in Senmonouram 

Once I reached this town , the first thing that I had to look for was a decent hotel to stay in. Since I decided to extend my stay as soon as I reached here, I was a little short on money. With my budget, I thought that I would have to settle with a subpar hotel. However, to my surprise most of the hotels and hostels in Cambodia, no matter how cheap they were, didn’t charge a large amount of money. Visitors can get a more than decent place to stay in at affordable rates. 

Since I was always on the move in this town, I had to change hostels and hotels quite frequently. Luckily, every place that I stayed in had excellent international standard amenities that you will find in any country’s five star hotel. However, what made the Hotels in Senmonouram different was the fact that they didn’t charge as much as what the hotels in other countries do. Therefore, I can safely say that if you are on a budget and want to travel to a beautiful location, Senmonouram would be the best place to go to. 

Places to go to in Senmonouram 

Initially, I was under the impression that Cambodia will not have much to offer when it comes to hanging out at different places. To my surprise, its town Senomonouram had varieties of cafes and restaurants to go to. I was pleasantly surprised by how well maintained these places were and how seriously they took their hygiene. It convinced me to spread the word about it and even convinced me to visit Cambodia once again in the future. The Bunong Kitchen in particular was particularly delightful. It offered authentic Cambodian cuisine that blew my taste buds away in the best possible way. I especially loved their traditional soups because of the ingredients they used in them. Not only were these soups delicious, they were also quite healthy. These are the first things I’ll try when I return to Senmonouram. Apart from that, you can also try other types of cuisine in this town, the Mondulkiri Pizza and Cinnamon Café offer a ton of variety to people who want something a little less traditional. 

Keeping all the restaurants and café’s aside, there are tons of other places to enjoy too as well. If you happen to be a fan of waterfalls, you will love Senmonouram. The Ou Reang waterall in particular is delightful. It looks heavenly and is a great destination for tourists to enjoy their time outside their hotels and hostels. I tool tons of memorable pictures over here. And despite the fact that my camera’s results were not that great, the waterfall’s beauty was enough to make my pictures look great. 

A Traveler’s Paradise Indeed 

All in all, implore everyone to give Senmonouram a try. They will be blown away by its natural beauty and the plethora of activities and places to go that this town has to offer. 

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