Things You Should Do And Visit In Vienna To Explore Its Beauty

Florida beaches, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Hawaii, Caribbean cruise tours, visits to Majorca, etc. are some of the most commonly heard names when you think about spending your vacations or traveling for tourism purposes. It is surprising how so many people completely miss Vienna from their list of spots they want to visit. This is a city that has everything to offer to tourists from a rich history to great food and from a unique culture to natural retreats. If you visit Vienna you will have something new to visit every day and hundreds of places to take pictures of.

Vienna is the capital of Austria so you can already expect it to be a commercial, political and cultural hub. It is on the second number for having the highest number of German-speaking people. While it was number 1 in that category once, Berlin has taken the lead in recent years. It has a huge population that’s around 2 million. It has many names given to it because of some remarkable historic figures and cultural elements. It is known as The City Of Dreams because of Sigmund Freud and as The City Of Music because of its musical background.

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Things To Do In Vienna

There is a lot of stuff that can be done in Vienna and it would require a book to be printed in order to cover all of those things. Here are some of the highlights of a Vienna tour:

Kunsthistorisches Museum

It is always the first place you will be told about Vienna when you are visiting it. This museum is now nearly one and a half century old and holds some of the most mesmerizing pieces of art from the past. This place is a heaven for art lovers so if you have any art lovers in your group you must take them to this place. If you want to look at some ancient (not just old) armors and musical instruments, this is the place for you. However, the most striking thing about this museum is the collection of picture art. Tower of Babel, Madonna of the Meadow and Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Blue are some of the pictures you would not want to miss.

Tiergarten Schoenbrunn – Zoo

This is not an ordinary zoo. It is probably the oldest zoo in the world and definitely the oldest in Europe. Most people who visit this zoo are found saying that you could pass half a day here like half an hour. The zoo is known for its great design where the animals are put in places in a very organized manner. if you have ever wished to see giant pandas, this is one of the very few lucky places in the world to have them. The simulation of the amazon rainforest is another thing that will make you remember this zoo forever.

Hofburg Palace

There are many palaces to visit in Vienna but Hofburg has its own place. This palace also serves as the workplace for the Austrian president. If you want to visit a place where some of the most renowned historical figures have lived, this is the place to visit. The existence of the palace itself is quite a dive into history since it was built in 13th century. This palace is a huge structure that needs some time to be seen fully. It has several wings that need to be seen separately. Make sure to choose the right day to visit it because on weekends it can be quite a busy place.


Rathaus is a town hall but the structure of this building is what’s going to make you stop here and stare at it for hours. It has a neo-gothic structure the construction of this amazing building was done towards the end of the 19th century. The biggest highlight of visiting this place is the Christmas market. This is one of the biggest and best Christmas markets in Europe. Furthermore, you have to visit the Wiener Rathauskeller – a restaurant that is going to serve you some traditional foods of Vienna. There are times when it holds some huge events too but one has to be lucky to be there at that time.

Haus Der Musik

You just could not imagine a Vienna visit unless there is something related to music on your tour. If you love music (it’s hard to imagine that there can be someone who does not like music) then this is going to be the most memorable place in your life. This is an interactive music museum where you can experience how it feels to be a conductor. There are several musical objects and interactive systems that allow you to play the musical instruments to have their feelings. There are 6 floors of the museum so you can come prepared to spend some time here.

Experience The Riesenrad

You must have seen pictures of the giant ferris wheel on various social media posts and wallpapers. It is in Vienna that you will get to see it in reality. The most amazing thing about this huge wheel is how high you are when you are at its highest. You will be 213 feet above the ground when you reach the peak of the ride that takes around 20 minutes to complete. This gives you an aerial view of Vienna and some time to take the best photos of your life.

The Ring Tram Tour

When you have spent enough time walking around Vienna, it is time for you to get on this tram, give your legs some rest and view the beauty of the city and capture it in shots while relaxing. It is a hop-on hop-off tour where you are allowed to get off on any of the 13 stations and get back on to see more. The total length of the tour in terms of time is nearly 25 minutes if you do not take into account the time spent on stops. You can catch the tram from Ring-Opera in the morning at 10AM.

See Chocolatiers At Work

One of the many activities in Vienna is to be able to see the great chocolatiers see at work. You might want to visit Xocolat in order to see the chocolate in the making. You will find this place in Ferstel passage. Xocolat-Manufaktur is one place to visit for anyone who likes chocolate. In this boutique you will be lost in the aromas of various chocolate items being prepared. You can also join a workshop by paying a fee but you will have to take an appointment to do so.

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