Dubai Mall- A Must Visit for Everyone

Just at the foot of Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai is every shopper’s paradise; The Dubai Mall. Stretching across 1.1 million sq/m, it is the largest shopping mall in the world as it encompasses a whopping 1200 stores from Zara to Armani. Whether it is candy, fashion items, books or electronics you want, you can find everything in The Dubai Mall. But, even those who don’t want to buy anything or simply cannot afford to spend huge sums of money, this immense retail center also offers a host of other entertainment facilities. There is a movie theater, ice rink, children-friendly attractions like an aquarium.

While I love the designer stores, I was more interested in the other activities that The Dubai Mall had to offer and decided to explore some with my family:

The tallest slide  

Who says this is only for kids? Even adults can have a lot of fun on this tallest slide in the region. These two zippy slides sit in the midst of the 76,000 square foot house of Sega Republic and it is a world of fun. There are also old school arcade games that I enjoyed and there were some cutting edge simulators as well, which makes it worth checking out.

Playing broomball  

You cannot miss the Olympic-size ice rink, which boasts a buzzing atmosphere and all the skaters are busy trying to show off their ability and speed. But, this is only during the day. I went there at midnight when the mall had shut down and had the time of my life playing broomball on the ice rink. It is like hockey on ice where you have to wear ice grips rather than skates.

3D candy printing  

As I have a sweet tooth, I decided to head over to the sweetest hotspot in the mall in order to try out the world’s first 3D gummy printer. Yes, you heard me right. You can now print candy in about 20 different designs like the Dubai Skyline. I had a lot of fun picking out the designs and the candy lasted for about a year.

Fly high  

One of the biggest dreams that I was able to fulfill at The Dubai mall was that of captaining a plane on my own. Apart from all the concessions and shops you can find in the mall, I got to see the Emirates A380 experience, which meant that I said in the cockpit of the largest plane in the world for nearly half an hour and flew to one of 12 global destinations offered.


After my experience of the cinematic world in The Dubai Mall, I don’t think I will be able to enjoy the regular cinemas anymore. The Platinum Cinema Suites bring with them recliner seats and gourmet treats that you simply cannot forget. It was like sitting on the most comfortable throne in the world and chilling out.

Ferrari ride  

Another tick in the yes column for me as the Ferrari store on Level 1 has an F1 simulator that comes straight from Maranello (the Ferrari factory). The software used in the simulator is the same used by Ferrari racers for training purposes. As soon as I sat on the seat and pushed the pedal to the floor, I couldn’t wait to head over to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. 


I was mesmerized by the free view of a huge group of fishes and I got to see sharks, rays and other small fish. There were also divers swimming inside performing some maintenance tasks. It was captivating.

I would recommend you wear some comfortable shoes in order to explore the wonder that is Dubai Mall thoroughly.       

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