Exploring Batumi, Georgia: Everything you Should Do in This Amazing City

Georgia’s seaside city, Batumi is stretches for miles along the breathtaking shores of the Black Sea. It is the second largest city in the country, after its capital Tbilisi, and boasts a subtropical climate that brings about mild winters and sunny summers. The calm waters of the beaches are a great place for swimming and relaxing and the city’s long boulevard is quite lively. It is the ideal place for exercising and strolling, or just for drinking and eating in the sea breeze. Apart from its greenery, Batumi also has an intriguing history, all ready to be explored. The warm weather, the lively city life and the Black Sea location make it a great destination for travelers. 

Combined with Georgian hospitality and unique food, the destination is only gaining more popularity. Some of the things that you should definitely do in Batumi, Georgia are:

Walking the long Batumi boulevard  

The extensive and long boulevard is regarded as the city’s signature attraction, as it runs for miles along the sea. It is always full of runners, cyclists and walkers who just want to enjoy the ocean air. However, this boulevard is not just a walkway. It dates back to 1884 and is considered the heart and soul of Batumi. It has extended and grown over the years, survived communism and wars, and is still a favorite of visitors and locals for its atmosphere and sights. 

You can find bars, restaurants and an enjoyable nightlife along the length of the boulevard. There are cafes, art installations and statues. You can grab a good pair of shoes or a bike and walk the whole length of the boulevard for experiencing Batumi.

Enjoy the beautiful Black Sea beaches  

The best stretch of coastline in Georgia can be found in Batumi and the surrounding region of Adjara. The beautiful beaches overlooking the Black Sea are best enjoyed during the summer. You can find sandy beaches and pebbly beaches and other kinds of beaches to suit everyone. The beaches along the boulevard are full of deckchairs and sunbathers and a number of bars have also spilled out to the seafront.

Take advantage of the tropical Botanical Gardens 

Thanks to Batumi’s subtropical climate, there are numerous unique plants and vegetation growing in the city. The best place to see them is to visit the Botanical Gardens, where you can find hundreds of species of plants from different countries ranging from Mexico to New Zealand. These gardens have been maintained since 1912 and are quite impressive because you get to see a multitude of different flowers, plants and trees. But, the real attraction is the magnificent clifftop setting where you will find the gardens. It is called the Green Cape for its subtropical and lush fauna and the beautiful views along the coastline.

Ride the cable car to the mountain top 

There is a cable car experience that you can enjoy if you want to see the supreme views of the Black Sea, all over Batumi and the surrounding mountains. It is a 2.6 kilometer ride that takes you from the Batumi Boulevard to the top of the Anuria Mountain located nearby. There is a sweeping viewing area at the top of the cable car route where a café and restaurant serve Georgian wines and Georgian delicacies with an equally impressive view to match. 

Uncover the city’s history in old fortresses 

You will find the ancient ruins of Gonio if you go a couple of kilometers south of the city center. There is an old fortress that can be traced back to the days of the Romans when it was built as a fortified post on the front. You will also find some of the best beaches on the coast of Gonio. There is another ancient ruin to the north of the city in the village of Tsikhisdziri. 

Feast on Adjaran Khachapuri  

No trip to Batumi will ever be complete if you don’t feast on Adrajan Khachapuri. Even though it is baked all over the country, this Georgian specialty takes on a distinct flavor and shape in every area. In Batumi, it is boat-shaped and huge that’s loaded with butter, cheese and egg for creating a mouthwatering delicacy.  

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