Top Places to See and Experience in Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka is a compact Malaysian state but has plenty to offer as it is a great mix of centuries’ old heritage and modern living. The city’s tagline is ‘Visiting Melaka is visiting Malaysia and it has become one of the most irresistible tourists draws in the country. As compared to the hustle-bustle of Kuala Lumpur, this small state may come off as a sleepy one, but it is the place for interesting museums, religious sites, quiet alleyways, and weekend escapes. It is a state to explore as most hotspots are within walking distances and you would definitely have a good time. Some of the best places to see and experience in Melaka, Malaysia are:

Go for the Melaka River Cruise  

If you want a quick tour of the city at a leisurely pace, you can simply hop onto the Melaka River Cruise. This is a 45-minute ride that allows you to see the best parts of the historical city. You will get to see the breathtaking murals alongside Jonker Walk and sights like the traditional Malay village called Kampung Morten. There are two cruise jetties and you can locate any one of them for taking it. One jetty is the Taman Rempah Jetty, which can be found next to the Hang Jebat bridge and second is the Muara Jetty, which is situated next to the Quayside Heritage Centre.

Do check out Jonker Street  

The main street of Chinatown, Jonker Street is regarded as the heart of the easy blend of cultures in Melaka. When it comes to a Melaka tourist map, it is one of the top favorite spots. You will find a number of interesting landmarks and attractions on Jonker Street, which include Hard Rock Café, Weekend Night Market, Jonker Street Library, Cheng Hoon Temple, Cheng Ho’s Cultural Museum, Mamee Jonker House, Kampung Kling Mosque and Masjid Kampung Hulu.

Visit the fascinating Melaka Museums  

Melaka has numerous museums for people to visit and they are a popular tourist attraction. Any trip to Melaka, Malaysia wouldn’t be complete if you don’t visit at least a handful of the museum. There are museums for pretty much everything. For instance, there is a museum of kites, a museum of stamps and even a museum of jewelry. Some of the other museums you can also check out include Submarine museum, House of museums, Army museum, Malay living museum, History, and Ethnography museum and Flora de la Mar Maritime Museum.

Check out the many religious places  

There are many churches and temples that are scattered throughout Melaka. Thanks to such cultural and religious diversity, you will find everything from mosques to churches and temples to visit in the city. Some of the must-see places that you should check out are Mosque Kampung Kling, Tranquerah Mosque, Christ Church, Melaka Straits Mosque and St Paul’s Church.

Try the delicious food in Melaka  

This city provides an abundance of happiness for your taste buds. As the city has a diverse cultural mix, it is very easy to find almost any kind of cuisine that you may want to try. From the fancy and welcoming restaurants and cafes to the local food stall vendors, you will certainly not go hungry in Melaka. The satay meat sticks, the Portuguese tarts, the sugary sweet Kueh Keria Gula and the coconut shakes are only some of the items to try. You will find some of the finest foods in the city and you can visit the biggest food manufacturers like San Shu Gong for bean biscuits and durian chocolate and Tan Kim Hock for delicious coconut and dodol candy.

Take a Trishaw ride for sightseeing  

Light three-wheeled bicycles called Trishaws are commonly found in different Asian countries and they are also an important part of Melaka tourism. If you are only taking a one-day trip to Melaka, taking a ride on a Trishaw is one of the best ways to see the city. You can zip and zap through the busy streets in the city and the pit stops are in some very fascinating and interesting places.

Learn Batik making  

Even though it is considered an intricate art, you can also give Batik a try. Give Batik printing a try and you can bring back your work as a memento. The Melaka Batik House conducts classes that you can attend to gain a deeper understanding of this highly-coveted and unique art form. You can slot in a day for these classes as they include equipment and lunch, which means that the experience will definitely be something you will remember for a long time.

Check out a Malay village  

While there are a number of Malay villages all over Malaysia, only a handful have successfully maintained their traditional ways. One of these villages is located in Melaka called the Kampung Morten. Situated on the riverbanks of Melaka River, this quaint little village has preserved its authentic surroundings, such as the colorful wooden houses, along with their traditional day-to-day life. You can also get an insight into a traditional Malay lifestyle and house by taking a tour of the living museum called Villa Sentosa. Since this is a real house, a family member will give you the tour.

Visit the Red Square (Dutch Square)  

The Red Square (Dutch Square) area in Melaka highlights the possession of Malaysia by the Dutch. The two most prominent landmarks of the area that you should check out are the old town hall or Stadthuys and the Christ Church. You can also do some souvenir shopping from the area and take a trishaw ride for exploration.

Check out the A Famosa Fort  

This is one of the most popular attractions in Melaka, which dates back to the 15th century and has a lot of history. Mostly the site is full of ruins, but there are still several points of interest and there is a lot for you to learn the history of Melaka.

These are the best places and experiences that you can enjoy in Melaka, Malaysia.  

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