Why Visit Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa towers high in the sky right in the heart of Dubai Downtown. It is a testament to humanity’s advancement and is the tallest structure to be made by man till now. The Burj Khalifa has redefined the limits of our abilities and is an iconic structure of modern Dubai. Subtle cultural influences have been combined with cutting-edge technology for creating this splendid structure. It gives a touch of sophisticated elegance to the Dubai skyline as it stands 829.8 meters high with 160 storeys. Standing at the foot of a building that goes beyond our line of sight and peering up at its vertical expanse turned out to be an entire experience in itself for me.

But, simultaneously, it was a humbling experience to visit the observation decks of the Burj Khalifa at the 124th, 125th and the 148th floor. I saw panoramic and sweeping views of the Dubai landscape that were a sight to behold. However, a trip to Burj Khalifa is not exactly frugal so let’s see if it was worth it:

    • Spectacular View 

I love the urban panorama and those who share this passion must visit Burj Khalifa. It gave me the view of a super modern city that hugs the ocean and I saw the city lights coming to life as the setting sun glimmered off the glass buildings. The elevators that took me to the 124th, 125th and 148th floor are some of the fastest in the world so it was a quick affair and I barely felt them move. On the observation deck, I was able to take in some breathtaking 360-degrees views of the city, the Persian Gulf and the desert. The observatory boasts an open-air terrace and I used the digitally powered telescopes to see the past and future views of the city in real time.

    • Opulence 

Every aspect of the building has redefined opulence. I was able to experience the opulent life for a day as it houses the luxurious Armanic hotel and also has the elitist Burj Club. I was not a resident of Burj Khalifa, but I took a trip to the 122nd floor where I enjoyed the upscale fine dining restaurant At.Mosphere. When I had a meal at the Armani lounge, I was reminded of the opulent luxury that only Dubai can offer.

    • Great Musical 

Set on the Burj Khalifa Lake, the Dubai Fountain is the largest choreographed musical fountain show in the world. When see from the ground level, the fountain shows are exceptional, but I was unable to see it all due to its large size. Instead, I was able to soak in a stunning aerial view of the whole show and the dancing foundations were, without a doubt, a sight to behold. I had matched by visit timings with the Fountain show timings to ensure I wouldn’t miss it because the timings vary during the week.

    • Overall Experience 

I entered one of the fastest elevators of the world on the ground floor from where the record-breaking ride begins. The Burj Khalifa elevators travel at over 10m/s and have the record of the longest continuous distance traveled by an elevator in the world. I visited the top, which means that I stood at the third-highest observation deck worldwide. But, a visit to the 148th floor meant I was able to see the view of Dubai from the world’s highest-observation deck, the second place being taken up by the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China.

A visit to the Burj Khalifa is on every tourist’s list and the experience it offers is definitely one I will remember.     

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