Foods You Can’t Miss When Visiting Karachi


Karachi is not famous for just one food item because it boasts of a melting pot of flavors and cultures from all over Pakistan. Whether it is enjoying a Gola Ganda at Dhoraji, or mix chart at Bhadurabad, the metropolitan has lots of food stops every traveler must make. Student’s chicken biryani, and Javed Nihari make a special mention in the list.

While it’s really an epic job to limit Karachi’s food guide to some items, here I have tried to compile a small list of food items that one mustn’t miss when traveling to Karachi.

1. Chicken Malai Boti

Though there are various BBQ restaurants in Karachi that offer tasty Chicken Malai Boti, nothing has beaten the classic taste offered by Ghaffar Kabab House, Shahed-e-Millat Road. The restaurant offers a variety of BBQ items but its chicken malai boti is just irresistible. Boneless chicken pieces cooked with creamy sauces elevate the dish to a completely new level. When eaten with Paratha, the taste is just scrumptious; and the moment it melts in your mouth, it feels like you are in paradise.

2. Fry Kabab

Burn Road food is all time famous in Karachi. Biryani, Haleem, Dhaga Kabab, Malai Boti, there is an endless list of delicious food items that draw foodies to the area. Fry Kabab is a different dish offered by Waheed Kabab House located in the same vicinity. The dish consists of fried minced meat which may put off lots of calories for conscious individuals. Those who have tried Waheed’s Fry Kabab bet that just a bite of fry kabab with naan will make you overlook your consciousness about calories.

3. Afghani Boti

It’s an Afghani dish which truly testifies the pleasure of eating something very delicious. Available at Al Asif which is located in the hub of trucks and buses in Karachi, Afghani Boti is the most amazing thing of Sohrab Goth. With a piece of fat in the middle of every boti seekh, it offers a greater joy for foodies sitting on the takht in open air and eating the meat direct from the seekh.

4. Katakat

A mix of different organs cooked with scrumptious flavors, the katakat is more than just a food for adventurous foodies. The exhilarating sound of the sharp knives along with the aroma of different spices, and the view of preparing the dish makes waiting for the food more exciting. When it comes to Katatat, Noorani Kabab House has a special mention. The restaurant situated at Khalid Bin Waleed Road has been making the dish for several decades. With Noorani, you can choose the brains, kidneys, and kapooras to be sliced up to make an adventurous dish.

5. Chicken Behari Tikka

The classic taste of chicken Behari Tikka comes from crushed green chilies used in the ingredients. It’s one of the most tender food items of Bihar, India, and the variation, the Meerath Kabab House has been offering to foodies, certainly melts amazing and finger-licking taste in your mouth. The crispy deep- fried paratha completely complements the flavor and aroma. Chicken Bihari Tikka is a classic combination of Chicken Tikka and Paratha which can also be tested at Al-Hajj Bundoo Khan, M.A Jinnah Road or Sindhi Muslim Society.

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