7 Dishes That You Must Not Miss During Your Stay In Lahore


Lahore is the city which is undeniably defined by its rich historical treasure, cultural heritage, and scrumptious cuisine. The food here is comparatively different from other cities of Pakistan. While Karachi is famous for its peppery food, Lahore has a moderate tolerance for spices yet the metropolitan has many mouthwatering recipes that beat the rest.

Here is the list of some must-have food items that seeks to summarize foodies’ love affair with the mouth-watering food in Lahore. Note making this list is a self-effacing attempt at trying to encapsulate the variety of food offered in the city of Mughals.

1. Lahori Paya

Paya is a typical Lahori dish which is also one of the must-have food items when you are in Lahore. Goat feet are cooked with a perfect amount of spices and dished out with slightly thick gravy. Lahori paya paired with naan or roti makes a perfect Punjabi meal idea for your breakfast and dinner.

2. Halwa Puri

Halwa puri serves as a mouth-watering breakfast delicacy that everyone must try in Lahore. Soji Halwa, paired with channa or potatoes gravy, pickle and crispy fried puri, the meal is seamlessly complete and tasty. Though, there are many restaurants that offer Halwa Puri in Lahore, getting it from Taj Puri Wala makes the taste even more especial.

3. Chicken Karahi

Chicken karahi in Lahore is what a credit card to a shopaholic. A blend of red and green spices, meat and tomatoes, makes this dish one of the most sought-after dishes in the city. Though, available across the country, Lahori chicken karahi beats the rest with its unique and scrumptious taste.

4. Amritsari Hareesa

Most famous as the step-sister of haleem, Amritsari hareesa is still a bit different from what the haleem tastes. Cooked in the combination of different lentils and chicken or goat meat, hareesa has an elegant amount of spices for the real Amritsari taste. Several places in Lahore offer delicious hareesa making you craving for some more.

5. Lahori Charga

Lahori Charga is one of the famous dishes of the city. Chicken whole in the right quantity of spices is cooked to perfection, and makes you crave for some extra. Lakshmi Chock is famous spot for most scrumptious Charga in Lahore. The restaurant also offers mouthwatering kheer besides the most appetizing charga that no one can resist. Lahori Charga is another such dish loved by most foreigners.

6. Fried Fish

Nothing beats the taste of freshly caught fried fish with scrumptious ingredients. Lahore has Bashir Darul Mahi restaurant that offers lahoris and travelers mouthwatering eating pleasure with its most famous fried fish. It’s one of the most crowded eatery places in wintery night of Lahore where you can enjoy yummy fish with your friends or family.

7. Tawa Chicken

Tawa Chicklen is one of the most drool-worthy dishes of Lahore. If you are traveling to Lahore for the first time, don’t forget to enjoy tawa chicken at the Fort View. Paired with naan or roti, it’s a juicy and mouthwatering chicken dish cooked with special spices. The specialty of the dish is that it’s prepared on tawa instead of usual cooking pans which takes its taste to next level.

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