5 Best Selfie Sticks that Are Available Today

Selfie Sticks

To some people it may seem silly, but a selfie stick is an excellent photographic accessory for photography fans, travelers or anyone who is just interested in taking better pictures. These sticks may be controversial, but there is no denying that they have rushed to the top of the popularity chart and was even called one of the best inventions of 2014 by TIME. Are you thinking about getting yourself one of them too? It can be a bit tricky to find one that meets your needs because there are numerous options available in the market. Here are the best selfie stick options that you can consider when in the market to buy:

Looq Selfie Stick

This falls into the cheap selfie stick category as it is available for a price tag of $19.99. It boasts a rubber grip, which is quite useful as it ensures you are able to grasp the stick without any risk of dropping it. There is also a button on the stick that you can press when you are ready to take a picture. While it is convenient, there is also a downside as it may shake a little bit when the button is pressed and this can lead to blurry photos. You can find it in several colors and extends for about 40 inches, but doesn’t have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support.

PolarPro Power Pole Selfie Stick

If you want to use your GoPro instead of your smartphone for taking selfies, this one is the ideal choice as it contains a 5200 mAh battery and two USB ports for charging your GoPro and other devices as well for about ten hours. The only drawback is that it is on the expensive side as the stick costs about $99.99. It also has port covers that are splash proof, making them water resistant.

Quik Pod Hand-held Selfie Extendable Pole with Mini Tripod Legs

One of the original selfie stick brands, Quik Pod is a leading name in the world of selfie sticks. This is an exceptional model because it cannot just be used as a selfie stick, but also as a tripod. Its versatility makes it two accessories rolled into one and is great for people who want to use a camera for taking pictures rather than their smartphone. It is priced at $25.78.

DigiPower TP-QPXT Quikpod Extreme Monopod

This particular stick is also a great option because it has a waterproof and rugged pole that can be extended for about 53 inches. It is sturdier than other sticks available in the market because of its top-rated design. The mounts can be easily interchanged and its price tag is also reasonable as you can buy it for $48.33.

Quik Pod SPORT Selfie Stick

Ideal for GoPro users, this selfie stick is the top choice of those interested in taking pictures while participating in extreme sports. It has a unique design and can be easily gripped. With a price tag of $59.95, it falls in the mid-range price point and is salt water proof.

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