11 Highly Interesting and Creative Ways of Photography


When you have a passion for photography, there is nothing more satisfying than mastering a new photography technique. Learning a new photography technique can open up a world of new possibilities and it provides you with endless potential for creativity and inspiration. As a matter of fact, it is also the best solution if you wish to get out of a creative rut and experiment with something different. Are you ready to discover some interesting and new techniques that you didn’t know your camera was capable of? Here are some nifty and fun ways of photography that may not be known to you and you may really end up doing some impressive work:

High Speed Photography

One of the most intriguing facts about high speed photography is that it has the ability of freezing moments in time, which aren’t usually seen by the naked eye. However, mastering this type of photography may not be easy for everyone; you have to have a narrow aperture, a tripod, flash and a whole lot of patience.

Night Photography

The sun goes down, but the fun is just starting. There are plenty of things that you can capture after dark. You can do some high quality night photography when you have access to a super-slow shutter speed, a solid surface where you can keep your camera steady for long exposures and a tripod. The rule of thirds is also something you can experiment with because the good old composition techniques are going to provide you with some excellent results.

Motion Blur

The art of capturing a moving object or subject in your camera is defined as motion blur. This technique is a common part of sports photography and can come in real handy for creating interesting images with fast or light moving objects. The Polaroid Cube is a camera that could be utilized for this purpose. It is quite compact and small and has a magnet, which allows it to be placed in various places. It can be effective in capturing videos or even shots of moving objects.

Black and White Photography

When done properly, black and white photography can convey drama and deep emotion. However, this kind of photography doesn’t just involve using the black and white filter that you have. The composition is where you began as you have to use lighting, shadows and strong subjects if you wish to create some powerful imagery.

Monochromatic Color Photography

Images can be captured in a single color or hue with monochromatic color photography. Similar to black and white photography, this kind of photography has a way of conveying the message rather powerfully without providing much detail.

Smoke Art Photography

While this technique is challenging, there is no denying that smoke art photography is also highly rewarding. You can create captivating and mysterious images with smoke trails, which are fascinating, intriguing and also fun to capture.

Macro Photography

This kind of photography is unique and rewarding. You take images of tiny subjects and make them huge, which enables you to capture even minute details that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The ideal way to make macro photography stand out is by finding objects that are highly detailed and interesting. You can use any camera lens for accomplishing this photography technique, but the quality of the images will depend on the equipment you choose to use.

Long Exposure Photography

You can achieve different kinds of interesting results with long exposure photography, but it is especially popular in the case of landscapes. You can blur movement effectively with a longer exposure and this can lead to streaking, soft clouds or silky smooth water.

Forced Perspective Photography

This is a visual and fun play on depth perception and sometimes provides you with absolutely hilarious results. When you are making a forced perspective image, you need to ensure that your main subject is smaller or larger than everything else. This means that you can experiment with interesting positons and angles for your subjects.

Traffic Light Trails

Another popular subject, traffic light trails are a great way for you to get started on some long exposure photography. You need to find a high traffic area in a dark location for capturing these light trails and you will need slow shutter speed for blurring the movement of the lights.

Panoramic Photography

Even when you don’t have a high quality or pricey camera, you can use a technique called ‘panorama stitching’ for capturing panoramic photographs. You can even use a Polaroid Cube for taking these images by placing it on a tripod and then take side-by-side photographs. Later on, you can merge the resulting images and this is a creative technique of panoramic photography.

You can incorporate any of these techniques during your photography sessions to make your images unique and interesting.


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