Exploring the Offerings of Menara KL Tower

After the opening of Tokyo Skytree back in 2012, Menara KL Tower became the world’s 7th tallest telecommunications tower in the world with a height of 421m. Before that, it had held the 6th position. At 276m, the tower’s Observation Deck is a bit less impressive because it is located at the lowest of the six levels. However, it is still in the head of the tower and since it is situated on the top of a small hill, I was still able to take in some breathtaking views of Kuala Lumpur and its surrounding areas.

As a matter of fact, I think the views are even better than those from the Sky Bridge between the Petronas Twin Towers. But, a new viewing deck has opened up over 80 floors at Petronas Towers, which means it can still give spectacular views.

Menara KL Tower was under construction for five years and was opened for the public in 1996. It is owned by Telecom Malaysia and the management has done its best to maximize the tourism potential i.e. revenue by adding some excellent attractions. Some of the best ones are highlighted as follows:

XD Theatre

This is a 6D motion simulated thrill ride that was introduced for ages 6 and above and is a very enjoyable experience.

Blue Coral Aquarium

This coral-filled aquarium is a world of its own as it houses sharks, colorful clown fish and other tropical sea creatures and I just loved looking at them.

Upside Down House

There are upside down attractions in Sabah, Port Dickson and Melaka, but the Upside Down House is the first of its kind in Kuala Lumpur. I was able to take some spectacular photos here as it is a very good spot.

Mini Zoo

This was all for kids and mine had a great time. Yes, the enclosure is small, but it has plenty to see such as monkeys, parrots, spiders and rabbits. There is also an albino python and some other snakes as well. The entrance fee of the zoo can be included with the entrance ticket of the Tower and I opted for that package because I knew the kids would want to go.

KL Forest Eco Park

There is a micro-sized rainforest in the heart of Kuala Lumpur called the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, now rebranded as the KL Forest Eco Park, and the Menara KL Tower is located inside it. Therefore, it boasts plenty of large and old trees and there are also nature trails to explore. I enjoyed the outdoor exercise area with my kids and didn’t have to pay any entrance fee. The 200m canopy walk is very impressive and should not be missed.

Malaysia Cultural Village

As the name indicates, it reflects the culture of Malaysia and gets a lot of tourists. Essentially, it is a recreation of a traditional Malaysia kampong on the roof of a car park and it has been done rather beautifully. This is something definitely worth trying out for those who want to absorb the country’s culture.

F1 Simulator Zone

This seemed like a glorified arcade racing game, but I liked the fact that it offers somewhat realistic controls, which includes 3 foot pedals. The simulator is a good one, if not the best.

Revolving Restaurant

Named Atmosphere360, the revolving restaurant is one floor above the Observation Deck. The dinner was not cheap, but the ticket included a visit to the Observation Deck and the night view was just magnificent. There is also a pizza restaurant and also an Indian restaurant named Moghul Mahal so there were different dishes to try.

There are different packages available for the Menara KL Tower, depending on where you want to go and the prices vary accordingly.

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